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Question: I have never danced before, which is the best class for me?

Answer: Any of our Beginner classes cater for the novice dancer. It is best to come along at the start of any given term, please see our Class dates and times for the full listing of available classes.


Question: I am single / don't have a dance partner, but am keen to learn to dance. Can I still join?

Answer: At Dance Club 2000, we recognise that everyone doesn't necessarily have a partner. Some classes are therefore specifically designed for 'singles'. Please see our Class dates and times page for listings... or why not invite a friend to learn with you?


Question: What do I wear?

Answer: Excellent question, please see What to wear page for advice on what is appropriate attire for dancing


Question: Where do your classes take place?

Answer: Dance Club 2000 uses 3 different dance studios in Chichester, West Sussex listed on our Directions page. Please refer to the Class dates and times page for advice on which class is situated.


Question: How much do classes cost?

Answer: Typically around £8-10per person per class plus a one off termly membership fee of £10 per person. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions page and the Class dates and times page for full listings of costs per class.


Question: Can I turn up to any class at any time or do I need to wait until the start of a new term?

Answer: During the course of a term (typically 18 weeks), the term is split up in to 6 week groups where we learn a new dance for those 6 weeks then move on to a new dance for the following 6 weeks and so on. Thus building up your repertoire of dance skills over the course. It is advisable that you ideally join at the start of a term (discounts apply if you sign up for a full term in advance). However if this isn't possible, you can join in at any time in the term - ideally at the start of a 6 week group. Please see the Class dates and times page for info on when the next 6 week group will start.


Question: I am a little nervous dancing in front of other people and would like some private tuition to help get me started. Is this something you provide?

Answer: Absolutely! Please see our Private Lessons page for more information.


Question: My fiancé and I haven't danced before but would like to learn a special routine to a particular song we have chosen. Can you help?

Answer: Firstly, Congratulations! You are not alone and it can be daunting trying to choreograph a routine that you will feel confident performing on your Big Day. I love working with happy couples to help make their day extra special. Please see our Wedding Dance page for more info on how we can achieve your dream 'first dance'.


Question: I have had a few lessons before and know a few steps. Should I attend your Beginners or Intermediates classes?

Answer: Even if you have previously had a few lessons, the chances are you might be a little rusty. I also may teach slightly different dances to the ones you have previously learnt. It is always advisable that new members join the beginners class in the first instance and can always step up in to intermediates if they are ready! See class dates and times page for a full listing of class availability.